Thursday, October 30, 2014

Episode 3 is LIVE. Mack Bolan Vs. The Axeman From Outer Space!!

The latest episode of CINESLUDGE - THE MANGLED MEDIA PODCAST is live right now on Podbean and iTunes!
Evil Monks #1 and #2, Dan Taylor of EXPLOITATION RETROSPECT and David Z of TOMB IT MAY CONCERN are back in the saddle and loaded for bear.  This episode includes a segment on our mutual enjoyment of MEN'S ADVENTURE NOVELS, focusing on THE EXECUTIONER, MACK BOLAN!  Includes reviews of the latest installment on the stands, ARCTIC KILL and an upcoming book from the maestro of manglers, MIKE NEWTON!

Also featured is a STREAMING SARCOPHAGUS look at the IFC MIDNIGHT release, ALMOST HUMAN!  Aliens and Axes galore.  And finally, DT gives us an inside look at The Exhumed 24 Hour Film Fest from this year. For those of us that aren't close enough to Philly, this is a chance to hear about the days films and even get some live sound from inside those hallowed halls!  Check in, check it out and we'll see you all soon.  You can find us at FACEBOOK and on TWITTER!

Evil Monk #2...OUT FOR NOW!

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