Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Netflix Streaming Halloween Horrors Tip! SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER!

Looking for something VERY weird to enhance your holiday season?  Well, we all know that Jeff Lieberman doesn't do anything the plain old way!  He proved it with Blue Sunshine, Squirm and the awesome Just Before Dawn, but I was totally stunned by the strangeness in SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER.  When a young boy wants to help out his favorite Video Game Hero (SATAN???) he gets more than he bargained for by bringing a serial killer home to play.  It's funny, it's weird, it's got some gore and you'll scratch your head more than once trying to place this slasher amongst others.  Give it a shot...NOW...if you have NETFLIX Streaming!

And to make things even better..the only trailer I could find was in SPANISH!

-David Z

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