Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Episode 5 is ALIVE!

EPISODE FIVE IS ALIVE!!!  Yes, we are back with a lot more audio action as the process of Cinesludging has grown easier and easier with each week.  The topics this week include two films from director Jim Wynorski, SUB ZERO and HARD BOUNTY.  One is slab of stock footage and insane action that features world dominating EMP Blasts (!!) while the other is a Wynorski'd Up Spaghetti Western with Kelly LeBrock as one tough hooker with a heart!

Then we chat some BEER with Evil Monk #1...THE HUNGOVER GOURMET!  Which leads us to a delectable look at two recent releases from INTERVISION of the late period BRUNO MATTEI films, IN THE LAND OF THE CANNIBALS and MONDO CANNIBAL!  These are just amazing epics of exploitation, and I even forgot to mention MIKE MONTY was in there....SORRY, MIKE!!!

Dig in..enjoy...and explore some Cinesludge with us, right now!

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