Thursday, October 30, 2014

Episode 3 is LIVE. Mack Bolan Vs. The Axeman From Outer Space!!

The latest episode of CINESLUDGE - THE MANGLED MEDIA PODCAST is live right now on Podbean and iTunes!
Evil Monks #1 and #2, Dan Taylor of EXPLOITATION RETROSPECT and David Z of TOMB IT MAY CONCERN are back in the saddle and loaded for bear.  This episode includes a segment on our mutual enjoyment of MEN'S ADVENTURE NOVELS, focusing on THE EXECUTIONER, MACK BOLAN!  Includes reviews of the latest installment on the stands, ARCTIC KILL and an upcoming book from the maestro of manglers, MIKE NEWTON!

Also featured is a STREAMING SARCOPHAGUS look at the IFC MIDNIGHT release, ALMOST HUMAN!  Aliens and Axes galore.  And finally, DT gives us an inside look at The Exhumed 24 Hour Film Fest from this year. For those of us that aren't close enough to Philly, this is a chance to hear about the days films and even get some live sound from inside those hallowed halls!  Check in, check it out and we'll see you all soon.  You can find us at FACEBOOK and on TWITTER!

Evil Monk #2...OUT FOR NOW!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Episode 2 - The RAW FORCE of SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER in WynorskiVille!

The second episode of CINESLUDGE - A MANGLED MEDIA PODCAST is live!  Your hosts, David Z of TOMB IT MAY CONCERN and Dan Taylor of EXPLOITATION RETROSPECT take a look at some streaming weirdness with Jeff Lieberman's SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER!  And then we go deep into Jim Wynorski territory with GILA!, HARD TO DIE and THE HOUSE ON HOOTER HILL as Halloween approaches!  But what bigger release could the Cinesludge celebrate than RAW FORCE? It's a power packed hour of appreciation for the muck and mire of the mayhem that is... CINESLUDGE!!

Join us on FACEBOOK or at the Main Page on PODBEAN!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Netflix Streaming Halloween Horrors Tip! SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER!

Looking for something VERY weird to enhance your holiday season?  Well, we all know that Jeff Lieberman doesn't do anything the plain old way!  He proved it with Blue Sunshine, Squirm and the awesome Just Before Dawn, but I was totally stunned by the strangeness in SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER.  When a young boy wants to help out his favorite Video Game Hero (SATAN???) he gets more than he bargained for by bringing a serial killer home to play.  It's funny, it's weird, it's got some gore and you'll scratch your head more than once trying to place this slasher amongst others.  Give it a shot...NOW...if you have NETFLIX Streaming!

And to make things even better..the only trailer I could find was in SPANISH!

-David Z

Monday, October 13, 2014

Welcome To The Muck of... CINESLUDGE!

CineSLUDGE is a new podcast that features the cinematic madness that will suck you in like a whirlpool of black green ooze! But that isn't all... not by a long shot!  When you combine the forces of the long running (28 YEARS!) EXPLOITATION RETROSPECT and the gentlemanly guide to sleaze cinema, TOMB IT MAY CONCERN and put microphones in the mix, the only thing that could result is CINESLUDGE!
From the twitching brains of David Z and Dan Taylor, the podcast will cut a wide swath through cult cinema and much more!  Nothing is off the table from Men's Adventure novels, Horror, Action and berserk Cult Cinema.  Maybe even some JESS FRANCO talk!

The first episode is now LIVE and can be accessed on iTUNES (click, like and subscribe!) or at it's dedicated page on Podbean where you can follow and rate our performance as well! can just click the player below!  AND you can join us on FACEBOOK for immediate gratification and feedback! 
The first episode starts with a short look at the history behind EXPLOITATION RETROSPECT (hey, they have a BLOG here as well) and then slides headfirst into HELLINGER!  Yes, you read that right, HELLINGER.  From director Massimiliano Cerchi is a film that DT can only say... "Hellinger will spin your cinematic world on it's axis!"  And it's true. But we don't stop there. Because Hellinger has been unleashed once more from MVD as part of THE DOUBLE FEATURE FROM HELL, we also tackled HOLY TERROR!  I covered this film on TOMB IT MAY CONCERN right HERE as well, but we are both utterly gobsmacked by this tale of nuns, blood, reverse cowgirl gone wrong and a realtor that is the BUSH Master!!  And would we stop there? NOPE.

If you wanted to see what could happen if The Polonia Bros. meet Max Cerchi, then you must see CARNAGE ROAD: THE LEGEND OF QUILTFACE. Or not. We discuss it... but you can savor the flavor of money and the hatred of bras on MVD's KILLER 4 PACK as well!  

So...settle in and be ready for some VERY weird cinema and some penetrating coverage as you get ready to lube up your mind with CineSLUDGE!!  

Any comments? Questions? Suggestions?  Drop 'em in the comments and we'll address it all!  BLOOP, CineSLUDGE is sucking me back in...  AAAAAAIIIIEEEE!!!!!! *CHOKE*

-David Z

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