Monday, June 29, 2015

CINESLUDGE Episode 11! The Naked Obsessions of Chainsaw Hookers!

THE Evil Monks Of CINESLUDGE are back and it's time for more FRED OLEN RAY fun as we recap Chiller Theater, meeting Fred and Jim Wynorski, talking NAKED OBSESSION with William Katt and more!

Dive on in like an unrestrained Katt on Maria Ford!

Cinesludge Episode 10: THE GATE OF FULCI!

Celebrating the release of Grindhouse's BLU RAY of Lucio Fulci's classic, THE BEYOND, The Evil Monks of Cinesludge look not just at this iconic film, nor just his zombie films, but our top 10 films to watch in both Fulci 101 and 102!  From Saxaphone Sex to Quacking Slashers...we nail it all down like an UNGODLY WARLOCK!!

Check in to ROOM 36 right now!

Cinesludge Episode 9: The Leaping Lycanthropes of Fred Olen Ray!

In a special episode, we double down on our Fred Olen Ray ways and look at not just one epic Werewolf saga, featuring the final performance as Daninsky from Paul Naschy, in THE UNLIVING!  We also enjoyed the easily available and utterly awesome DIRE WOLF (or DINO WOLF if you want the special edition).  As a big fan of both the director and the star (never mind the MVP performance of the immortal Michelle Bauer!) the special edition of THE UNLIVING was (and is still close to), my favorite release of the year.


CINESLUDGE Episode 8! In [REC]trospect and Hellbilly Too!

With this episode, the Evil Monks of Cinesludge examine not just the Spanish [REC] series, but also the two Quarantine films that spun out of it.  But that is not all!  You can also learn more about Max (HELLINGER!) Cherchi's lost and now found Beverly Lynne film, HELLBILLY!  And why not add Jean Claude Van Damme to the mix?