Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Boneater-Wynorski unleashes the CURSE OF TORAK!

Jim Wynorski's BONE EATER features some P.O.V. boning, but not the type one would expect from the director of THE HOUSE ON HOOTER HILL.  Instead, this one brings the beasts to a  Sci-Fi Network film from 2007 that brings the horror and action to the small screen with the typically eclectic cast and tight t-shirts that you expect. No, the ones you DEMAND as a Wynorski Fan!

  Sheriff Evans, played by Bruce Boxleitner, is a man straddling two destinies. One. A law man in the civilized world of the white man. And two. His heritage as Running Wolf of the local Katonah Indian tribe has given him the blood of a true warrior!  At least the world had better hope so, because after Big Jim Burns and his men unearth an ancient beast of Bone that spews Noxious Gas which turns flesh to dust, well... it's on as savage meets civilization and all shall feel the wrath of BONE EATER!

 When a work crew go missing after unearthing the demonic dustcloud with an attitude the Sheriff finds himself investigating both the real possibility that rebellious Indian named Blackhawk was waging war on those that would offend the tribe, while also learning that the "Curse of Torak" may be real and 6 renegades bones will be reformed to have their vengeance. Thankfully, the legendary BONE AXE could be the sharp end of the spooky key to piercing the forces that hold the beast together!

The Sheriff doesn't have it easy, between a rebellious daughter, doubtful doctors, straining T-Shirts and disintegrating townfolk, it will come down to a war paint wearing showdown in the dustbowl of doom! And dare I mention the dirtbike chase scene that features some gulch hopping that would make Evel Knievel blush at it's CGI goodness? 

Bone Eater is a good old fashioned monster movie that brings the B to bodacious and is consistently entertaining.  From a cast that includes William Katt (oh, Naked Obsession..I need thee on Blu!), Walter Koenig, Gil Gerard and Jennifer Lee Wiggins to a rousing score that mixes Morricone and Monsters with style from Chuck Cirino, it's a good time that is easy on the eyes and ears.  Monster movie fans that don't freak out at CGI that ranges from ehhhhh to ehhhhhhxsellent will be in for a treat as well.   Your humble host is a huge fan of Those Moldy manglers we call The Blind Dead of Amando de Ossorio and Bone Eater has a demonic steed that doesn't just kick up dust, but wears it as a mane of madness!  You gotta love that....

Just in time for Halloween, the Bone Eater is ready to devour 90 minutes of your time, and monster fans should be pleased to meet the beast that doesn't want your meat...he's gonna swallow your BONES!

3 Steaming Hot Tubs of Wynorski Glory!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Blood Junkie! From the Madmen Behind BILLY CLUB!

"Laura, Laura, my Laura?  My God those ARE Laura's glasses! She needs those to see Teddy, she wouldn't just leave those behind!"

After ranting, raving and carrying on about BILLY CLUB on Cinesludge - A Mangled Media podcast's SLASHER EPISODE I was really intrigued by the Troma released BLOOD JUNKIE, the first film from director Drew Rosas.  What I got was far beyond expectations and a sign of the greatness to come and a damn fun, funny, and fucking disturbing surprise twist film that definitely carries the same vision as Billy Club and bears the same kind of repeat viewing experience I enjoyed from the latest feature.  Set in the 80s, you have two totally rad dudes that engage in 80s homoerotic teenplay while trying to get laid on a rad camping trip.  It all goes spectacularly wrong when they run into JUNKIES (Junkies? Junkies. JUNKIES!) hungry for blood. One monstrous masked mayhem maker to be exact, and the groovy guys and boobs baring babes are in for a bad ride.  But did I mention the girls brought along their slightly odd little brother, buying off his silence for a 5 spot to buy more instruments of doom for the local ant population.  Andy is... a little off, and if you pay close attention, when things start strobing in front of Andy's eyes (TV, bonfire...KNIFE!) shit is about to get weird.

To be honest, I'm not going to spoil the twist to much, but what Billy Club used to fuel it's finale, Rosas places into an epilogue that changes the movie completely and left me shaking my head that, AGAIN, I suspected what was going on, but got so caught up in the funny dialog, refined period details, occasional gore and suspense and deft editing that it still hit me like a Pet Rock!  

The cast is excellent top to bottom (even the speed walker in the background that totally jumped off the screen for me gets a credit!) and Nick Sommer is once again VERY funny as the hyped up dickhead that you have to root for because once his one liners stop the audience will become very sad!  Besides, rockin' a velour shirt like that is either a crime against the eyes or an epic conquest of fabric to make cinematic shirt art.  I mean, look at that!  As with Billy Club the tropes of the slasher and horrors of the 80s are played with, but not mocked so much as embraced. If you LOVE watching movies like Deadtime Stories, Scalps or Killer Workout, you'll enjoy this while scratching your head how it is so damn close to the vibe of the VHS era new releases. If you want a bit more, and find lots of humor in groovy editing that feels as familiar as a montage with weed and hair spray, you get that too.  And then...woah, it's off to the demented denouement for BLOOD JUNKIE.  
And fuck's worth it for this.  Crack a BUNTZ BEER (tm Billy Club Rules Inc) and enjoy some BLOOD JUNKIE, on DVD, from TROMA no less!

 And of course...

And now...a minor spoiler that you will want to look at AFTER you experience Blood Junkie. This frame with the UHF channels flipping says it all...  DIG IN and as with Billy Club, I can't wait to see what Rosas has in store for the next time he unleashes excellence upon the world!

Monday, July 20, 2015

THROWBACK! Aussie Terror makes me say Yowie!

NOTE!  I have been informed that the MVD release of THROWBACK is missing 9 minutes of footage that deletes the fate of Vernon Wells and more!  This is really unfortunate for all involved and I hope it is resolved.  My opinion on the film may not change, but you have to respect the work of any filmmaker and each film should be shown the way it was intended.  Proceed with that in mind and be sure to check in with MVD about your desire for a complete recall if you are interested in getting your Yowie on!

I certainly love Bigfoot films of any stripe, and this Australian film takes the myth of the Yowie (or as I shall call him, Ausquatch!) and brings it to life.  While not exactly a rip roaring adventure or heart rending horror, there are a few bits worth checking out.

The first thing I learned was that there is a BOGGY CREEK VINEYARDS, because they drink some wine from there. HAH!  Irony. Humor!  Actually, I need a bottle. Thank you, Throwback!!  But the film proper isn't quite as informative.  It's quite simple. Two rather unlikeable chaps are after the lost treasure of Thunderclap Newman, a rogue fella that apparently enjoyed taking prospector's gold many years ago. It's still out there, but nobody has found it. Why?  YOWIE!  No, not a Batman show expletive, but the Aussie Outback Beast...THE YOWIE!
But the Yowie is more an element of action than a full blown threat for most of the film, as the two former bug exterminators (!!!) betray each other over and over with attempted drowning and many many leg woundings (and even a hand wound...woah!) .  After a beautiful woman is thrown in the mix, and this blogger learned to pronounce Rhiannon, the action doesn't pick up so much as the use of human bait for the Yowie becomes a strategy to find some gold. And then there is this bit, which made me smile a whole lot.

Yes, VERNON WELLS!  Wez!!  Plughead!!!!  Very cool, it's a fun cameo that comes, literally, out of nowhere.  As it should be. Now I'm all nostalgic to watch T-Force again. Always room for PM and Wez.

Oh, and the leading guy, he looks like a deflated Brett Favre to me for some reason. Maybe it isn't obvious in the still,, it just struck me.  When he has to throw something at the Yowie in the final reel, I kept waiting for Wez to reappear and intercept it! aren't going to text me anything inappropriate no matter how hot it is when I say Baboon with my accent, right?
Anyhow, the movie proper is definitely more a bit of heist and doublecrossing than anything Bigfoot related, even though the monster does appear several times in the daylight and seems to have a lot of good Ausquatchy times playing "Hide Behind The Tree While I Try To Hit You!"  The movie looks pretty good and features an EXCELLENT soundtrack by Richard Band and Amotz Plessner that elevates the visuals and gives life to some of the chase sequences.

In the end, THROWBACK takes all the chunks of 'Foot Meat you could want, stirs it around and comes up with the basic sauce, no more no less, though yes...I never heard "baboon" sound

The DVD from MVD Visual is interesting and now incomplete, the transfer is solid enough and there are plentiful extras including a nearly 18 minutes alternate ending that is less explosive.  But it would have robbed me of the interception / Favre joke. I'm glad they went with this one!  Short films and behind the scenes footage are included also.  You'll certainly get your fix of Yowie's in cinema with this film, which says...well, it's the only Yowie movie I know!