Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Episode 5 is ALIVE!

EPISODE FIVE IS ALIVE!!!  Yes, we are back with a lot more audio action as the process of Cinesludging has grown easier and easier with each week.  The topics this week include two films from director Jim Wynorski, SUB ZERO and HARD BOUNTY.  One is slab of stock footage and insane action that features world dominating EMP Blasts (!!) while the other is a Wynorski'd Up Spaghetti Western with Kelly LeBrock as one tough hooker with a heart!

Then we chat some BEER with Evil Monk #1...THE HUNGOVER GOURMET!  Which leads us to a delectable look at two recent releases from INTERVISION of the late period BRUNO MATTEI films, IN THE LAND OF THE CANNIBALS and MONDO CANNIBAL!  These are just amazing epics of exploitation, and I even forgot to mention MIKE MONTY was in there....SORRY, MIKE!!!

Dig in..enjoy...and explore some Cinesludge with us, right now!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Inside Episode 0.90 - Hellingers, Habits, Earbuds and CherKEE not CherCHEE

Cinesludge was the first time I'd EVER tried to record a podcast, and with Dan and I saddled up by picking a topic on the fly based off a late night text he sent me regarding the film HELLINGER being amazingly rampagingly awesome we hit the ground running.

It was supposed to be a test. It turned into an hour. A fun hour about some films that were new to us!  Sure, we mispronounced director Max Cerchi's name and I totally fluffed the fact that the sexy lead in HOLY TERROR was Beverly Lynne of Tomb Of The Werewolf and Tanya X, but given the technical challenges I put in front of us, it's a miracle it even worked.  Dan was working on a webcam and with earbuds (which must have been beyond challenging since I talk pretty fast) and I had us both recording our streams via Audacity and somehow it actually WORKED!  We would discover that wouldn't always happen, but... that is for the next episode.

Neither of us had a lot of experience with Cerchi's films, but when I listen back to the episode while editing some bits together to upgrade the archived edition it really shows off why I wanted to do this with DT so much.  Starting out with a short history of Exploitation Retrospect and then into just enjoying the brain shattering awesomeness that is Hellinger, the light that squeezes realtors balls because they have pacts with a demented cabbage patch faced nun and even pondering the mix of Cerchi and The Polonia Bros. working together on a film, it's just a snark free (for the most part) look at a few DVD releases that caught our eye.

Believe me, it's just a start, but you know what? As a first try, I think it holds up. And I'm pretty amazed that the director would enjoy it and Hellinger is sort of our pet monster now.  A cross between a priest and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man with a rictus grin and a story that is subliminal at best, it was fun to enter the Cerchiverse that way. And hey, there is MORE to come.  I've already seen a trailer for HOUSE OF EVIL and I think Hellinger fans are in for a treat!

So, here is some more media for the items covered in episode 1. And we'll be talking about the films a bit more, since I couldn't resist buying ANOTHER version of Hellinger and Holy Terror..with commentary!!

See ya back here, over there and in yer ears...
Evil Monk #2, DZ